The Women’s March Network’s programs are the heart of our work. These programs allow members of our network to connect with each other, to align around policy priorities, and to engage in online and on-the-ground organizing to shape our nation and its future.

Photo by Ali Lapetina

Women’s Agenda

The Women’s Agenda is a set of essential federal policy priorities based on the Women’s March Unity Principles and created by dozens of women movement leaders.

Youth Empower

The Youth Empower program is the youth voice of the Women's March Network.
Activists at a Power To The Polls event.
Photo by Kisha Bari

Online Advocacy

The Women’s March Network has inspired a generation to shape the national narrative around gender, race, sexual orientation, immigration, disability, religion, class, power, and privilege.

We continue to play that role as powerful network addressing the issues that impact women and femmes through an online advocacy program to fight the delegitimization of democracy online.

Photo by Kisha Bari

Field Network

The Women’s March Network is made up of state and city chapters and huddles from coast to coast that engage in local and national campaigns and programs year round to organize and mobilize for an intersectional women’s rights movement.